The New Standard for
Mining Software

Eclipse creates ever-expanding mining technology that revolutionizes data connectivity and data management to improve processes, manage risk and facilitate the adoption of future technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.



Built Without Technology Barriers

Our software optimally incorporates the latest advances in software design. It has no legacy limitations, making it fast and agile, and flexible for integration.

Integrative Open Platform

We have created a friendly, open platform that allows for easy integration with existing mining applications, extending the life and capabilities of the current legacy solutions, while permitting adoption of innovative new technology.

Mining Applications Toolbox

The Eclipse software offers a comprehensive suite of mining tools, beginning with applications specific to each component of the mine planning and modeling process.

Mining Specific Data Management

Our optimized data management system is the first non-legacy, truly mining specific data management system on the market.

Advanced Auditability

The Eclipse platform offers comprehensive auditability that allows for replication of workflows and results, and review and validation of data history.

Redefined user experience

A fresh approach to software interaction. Inspired by design principles from outside industries, we have redesigned the interfaces and workflows, to make complex mining problems easier to solve.

Performance Speed

Our solutions vastly improve efficiency and production. Optimization of performance in all areas is a priority, from visualization to the software engines.

People Oriented Technical Support

Our personalized technical support team is led by individuals with REAL mining experience who are solution oriented and dedicated to helping you get your job done.

Unrivaled Experience

With over 150 years of combined experience in mining and technology, our solutions have been designed and built with a deep understanding of the current needs and challenges faced by mining engineers, geologists and executives.

Our focus is our clients and we are committed to their success; whether it is improved mining productivity, better project profitability, or faster technology adoption we are with them every step of the way.


Fred Banfield


Susan Wick

Chief Executive Officer

Alyson Cartwright

Chief Innovation & Services Officer

Rudy Moctezuma

Chief Business Development Officer

Karin Boan

Chief Operating Officer

Erik Johnson

Chief Technology Officer