A Mining Focused Platform: Concept-Design-Solution

What is a Mining Software Platform and How Can It Help Your Mine?

Published On: April 22, 2019|Categories: Whitepapers|

Can you currently click on a geological interpretation and know how, why, who when, and what was done to create it? You can’t?

Unorganized, ambiguous, and isolated data. Tools that don’t work together. Software that is difficult and risky to implement. Does this sound familiar?

Well, these are just some of the issues faced in the platform- less world of mining software.

The world of technology in mining has changed drastically in the last several years. An eruption of point and niche solutions paired with outdated monolithic software packages has left mines struggling to get day-to-day work done. We are left asking: how can I connect data between departments? Or how can I make a report capture changes to my block model since last year? Or reproduce the workflow for building a  schedule? Or understand what data was used to create a mine design? Consolidate reserves? Currently, undertaking any of these tasks is time consuming, burdensome, and unwieldy – if at all possible.

Eclipse Mining TechnologiesTM is tackling this issue with the first true mining software platform. This platform centralizes the data and activities that produce results related to a mine. It is designed to help users take advantage of their existing solutions while adding critical components and tools to help unify data and processes. Our platform has been created around supporting complex and large datasets, understanding multi-user environments, and building reproducible workflows. Going back to the opening question: yes, if you click on a geologic interpretation, you’ll know how, why, who, when, and what was done to create it. So, a mining software platform is exactly what the name says – a platform-specific to mining data and related software applications. Other industries have worked to tackle these issues – but the gap for a mining-specific platform becomes more apparent with each passing year. The reason it hasn’t been done? It’s not easy. The skills, expertise, and time it takes to create it are not easily found.

Now ask yourself: What kind of questions could you answer if your data and products worked together?

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