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Data Attribution: 4 Benefits for Your Mine

Published On: April 21, 2021|Categories: Whitepapers|

by Alyson Cartwright

Business data is no longer a finite resource for enterprises. If anything, organizations are being overwhelmed by enormous amounts of data. The real business challenge is not collecting data but organizing, validating, managing, and sharing data in a way that generates value that provides actionable insights.

That challenge is more significant for mining companies. Companies partner with Eclipse Mining Technologies™ to improve data quality, integration, and information validation through:

  • Enhanced data collection
  • Organizing data for efficient analysis in a multi-user environment
  • Sharing data to generate more actionable insights
  • Leveraging data for more informed, better decisions

Data attribution is a key capability in SourceOne®; our data platform is developed explicitly to support mining companies. Attribution creates a more fully defined context for data, enhancing its value across a spectrum of applications. But what is data attribution? It is the “context” to what an object, idea, interaction, result, or another piece of information really means and is commonly accomplished with filenames, file paths, or internally to the file format.

For mining companies, data attribution is driving processes for improved decision-making, simplified problem-solving, and continuous improvement.

Following are four practical benefits of data attribution for your mining enterprise.

Improved Data Organization

Higher data quality correlates directly to improved processes for data connectivity and management. Data attribution creates a comprehensive framework for your mining data to be properly integrated, analyzed, and shared.

Some mining managers still rely on a sticky note affixed to their computer to match rock codes with lithology names. Some have an ad hoc system for understanding which pit design is based on which ultimate pit, or on what metal price, or on which block model. Data attribution provides an automated and reliable system that records these complex relationships: valuable data context is no longer a manual, idiosyncratic, error-prone muddle.

More Efficient Work Processes

Mining is a highly competitive market that requires a focused effort on improving margins. Data attribution provides an operational solution that boosts efficiency, streamlines processes, and enables faster and better-informed decisions at all levels.

Data attribution makes data an engine for mining efficiency and streamlined work processes. Imagine your extraction processes as an example, but now with comprehensive data for LHDs, productivity, extraction points, shift variables, and cycle times. Now you have visibility into how your performance aligns with production KPI, allowing adjustments for on-time ore delivery, higher throughput rate and cycle time, and optimized process flow.

Optimized Collaboration

Multi-user environments should support sharing and collaboration. However, the operational reality is that users are often frustrated trying to effectively access data that is mismanaged, poorly organized, or locked away in incompatible legacy systems.

Data attribution optimizes collaboration and provides a framework for more effective sharing. Automated processes use AI and machine intelligence solutions to organize, label, distribute, and store your data, so the people who need it have access, whether in the office, working remote, or on-site. With support for better sharing and collaboration, you now have your team fully in sync and aligned with operational processes that support business goals.

Better Insights and Decisions

There are endless buzzwords about how data can be used; however, the bottom line is your data is only as useful as it is understandable. Data attribution provides essential context that spotlights valuable correlations and supports benefits that target a variety of operations, processes, and functions:

  • Visibility into individual LHD performance variables – effective operating hours, utilization %, cycle time, mechanical outages, etc. – can ensure a continuous flow of material from the ore extraction site to the processing facility.
  • Ore production bottlenecks can be identified and reduced by targeting lagging variable inputs and maximizing ore hauled.
  • Non-productive time – maintenance, delays, wastage events, waiting time – can be reduced by understanding workflow and implementing efficiency adjustments.
  • Management is empowered to be more responsive, agile, and relevant, with access to real-time data and collaboration tools that enable fast communication and data sharing. The distance between management and operations no longer a challenge to efficiency.
  • On-the-fly assessment of assay results and survey data allows better decisions within a condensed time cycle. Your ability to out-compete rivals in a tough market puts you in a position to identify and capitalize on opportunities more effectively.
  • Risk management functions have full access to relevant data that provides a clearer picture of existing and emerging risks and can make decisions that resolve challenges before they mature into problems. Your risk stance is now pro-active and agile, rather than responsive and operating from behind the curve.
Solution: Introducing SourceOne®

SourceOne from Eclipse Mining Technologies is a platform purpose-built as a data attribution solution for mining industry companies. It doesn’t require you to create custom attribute types: SourceOne can automate attribution, including mining-specific metadata.

SourceOne removes the burden of managing, organizing, and sharing your data and leaves more time for putting those data insights to work. Finally, you can use your data as a renewable resource to support mission-critical operations and build more effective business strategies.

Ask yourself how freeing would it be if your data was empowered to function as a solution rather than a bottleneck that requires endless resources to structure and manage appropriately? SourceOne is a mining-specific data management platform that can accomplish that and much more.

Learn More About SourceOne

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of unlocking the power of your data with the SourceOne platform. You can also request a free demo to see for yourself how your operational efficiency and productivity can be improved by harnessing the power of the data you already own.

It’s your data, why aren’t you deriving the full value you’ve invested in accumulating it? SourceOne is a solution that transforms your data into an engine for insights, efficiency, and continuous improvement.

SourceOne: this is what your data is supposed to do for you in the 21st century.

Through products that revolutionize data connectivity and data management, their decades of experience in the industry and freedom from restrictive legacy technology, the Eclipse team is uniquely equipped to bring a much-demanded sea of change to the industry.
A New Standard For Mining Technology.

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