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Eclipse Mining Technologies Unveils Groundbreaking Enhancements in Latest SourceOne® EKPS Release

Published On: July 19, 2023|Categories: Press Releases|

SourceOne® emerges as the catalyst for data technology disruption

Here at Eclipse Mining Technologies, we are proud to announce the launch of our newly enhanced SourceOne® EKPS, marking a significant expansion in capabilities. This milestone comes as mining and other similar big data industries continue to face increasingly complex data challenges that coincide with the exponential acceleration in the development and accessibility of artificial intelligence tools. Eclipse understands the need for data to undergo a transformative process so that it can be used by artificial intelligence tools and for knowledge generation, and we are at the forefront of modernizing the process.

Since our beginnings in 2017, Eclipse has been dedicated to developing a comprehensive solution that addresses the most pressing data-related hurdles. Our team aims to meet this challenge head-on by incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as Data Ontology, Knowledge Graphs, and Data Modeling into its existing architecture.

The new release details include:

  • An enhanced integration layer to achieve genuine data integration;
  • An ontology layer to enrich data meaning with extensive context;
  • A modeling layer with knowledge graphs to capture and visualize relationships between data objects;
  • Enhanced automation to provide answers on demand; and
  • The ability to incorporate advanced analytics (via external AI models) to unlock additional value.

We believe data holds immense value, but only when it is actively utilized. The foundation of a knowledge system lies in the ability to extract insights from data and empower users to leverage that knowledge effectively. By employing ontology, SourceOne EKPS has revolutionized the way computers can comprehend and interpret data.  This allows for the thorough analysis and operationalization of information for practical use.

The introduction of a knowledge graph within SourceOne allows for modeling the unique complexities of each operation and provides a shared understanding of data across domains, revolutionizing data integration capabilities.

The incorporation of the newest features to SourceOne creates a smoother process that will enable users to benefit from getting the most out of their data. Fred Banfield, Eclipse’s Chairman, explains: “The use of ontology and knowledge graphs will provide guidance on where data is, how to access it, and what tools should be used to analyze it, and even what to do with the results. Providing users with tools is not enough, without the guidance provided by ontology and knowledge graphs, which make use of the collective experience of past practitioners.”

Susan Wick, Eclipse CEO, highlights the significance of this milestone by stating: “Industries identified a long time ago the challenges they face with the vast amounts of data they are collecting. But what do they do with that data? How do they process and benefit from it? And is it only available to a few data scientists or across business units, allowing everyone to meet the challenges of their job by leveraging the relevant data with which to improve their results? True knowledge management necessitates a framework to make it successful and useful outputs to make it consumable.  That is precisely what an EKPS offers and what conventional data management systems were never designed to achieve. Technology is now meeting these needs, and SourceOne is defining the path.”

At Eclipse Mining Technologies, we are dedicated to providing the mining industry with the latest technology to integrate and manage their data more effectively.  With our innovative new SourceOne EKPS release, data becomes a driving force that empowers users in ways previously unimaginable.

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About Eclipse Mining Technologies: Eclipse Mining Technologies is a leading provider of cutting-edge technology solutions for the mining industry. Since 2017, Eclipse has been committed to addressing data challenges and revolutionizing how organizations leverage information for improved operational performance. Their flagship product, SourceOne EKPS, is a vanguard data transformation system that uses Data Ontology and Knowledge Graphs to offer comprehensive data integration, knowledge management and advanced analytics capabilities, empowering mining companies to unlock the full potential of their data.