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Seize the opportunity to grow your business with SourceOne® EKPS.  

Our Service Partner Program is designed for companies inspired to lead the next phase of innovations in the digital mine and connect with the mining industry in entirely new ways by offering implementation, integration, consulting, analytics, and other services related to the SourceOne® EKP System.

Lift your company’s value to a new level by providing clients an opportunity to improve existing processes and productivity and increase efficiency and profitability in their operations.

Collaborating with Eclipse will generate new opportunities for you within the mining industry, resulting in outstanding long-term value.

Be part of the change and innovate how mines operate in the future!

Why partner with Eclipse Mining Technologies:

Create new and recurring revenue streams

Help clients bridge the skills gap

Opportunity for long-term customer care

Eliminate repetitive work

Be part of implementing innovative interoperability initiatives in the mining industry 

Support clients in achieving business outcomes and staying on top of emerging trends

We are invested in your success and the success of our clients


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