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Reliable data is the first step to making better, safer decisions.

A report is not the same as actionable insight. Mining organizations are under increased pressure to improve productivity and reduce costs while ensuring that they have a good handle on the mine’s operations.

The SourceOne® Enterprise Knowledge Performance System (EKPS) integrates and centralizes your data, allowing you to inspect your operations’ data, including its history and context, and gain valuable insights, such as identifying trends and outliers and learning about the cause and effect of your data sets.


Break free from side-by-side reporting. Compile data from your different sources and gain valuable insights into your operations. The SourceOne system includes internal reporting tools as well as direct access to external reporting tools such as PowerBI.


As we all know, our reports are only as reliable as our data. The SourceOne system gives you dependable, uncorrupted data so you can trust your analysis and have confidence in your decision making.


Easily identify and understand where and why your data might be different. The SourceOne system makes it possible for you to easily compare information and find the differences among similar information.


Safe decision-making begins with access to quality data. Feel confident in judgement that is based on a thorough understanding of reliable data.


Every mine uses different software types and sources, and a variety of reporting tools. With the SourceOne system you can centralize your data into one format and have one consistent method of reporting.

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With the SourceOne Enterprise Knowledge Performance System (EKPS), mines can OWN all their data. And that’s what it’s all about, because without access to ALL your data, how can you truly improve your mine’s efficiency and productivity?

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How to Solve the Challenge of Data in Mining. 

If organizing your mine’s data is a challenge, you are not alone; data in mining is unique and complex. Check out this Ebook to learn more about what makes optimizing data challenging and the options available so you can make an informed decision.

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