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Reach a Larger Audience and Increase Your Value Proposition

Mining operations demand interoperability. Not only are they tasked to integrate new technology and manage their existing technology, but it needs to work together for the best results.

Many platforms offer application integration, but none have provided vendor-neutral mining-specific technology – until now. With SourceOne EKPS, you can provide your customers the ability to enhance their system’s functionalities while working within a modern, robust data platform they can use with all their disparate software technologies.

As a technology provider, you operate at a mine site that is continuously changing. Your technology is sophisticated, efficient, and produces data and results quicker than ever before. SourceOne EKPS provides you with more efficient use of your development time and resources, allowing you to increase your product value and customer retention.

Don’t get left behind; ensure you remain competitive in this constantly changing technology landscape!

SourceOne® EKPS …

  • Is a vendor-neutral, open data platform designed specifically for the mining industry by experienced mining professionals.
  • Is a highly optimized data platform built to deliver fast access to data and its most efficient transfer.
  • Aggregates disparate data delivering auditable processes and results.
  • Realizes a single ‘source of truth’, comprised of data from all technology providers.
  • Enables users to work in an asynchronous multi-user environment.
  • Empowers mining organizations to make more efficient use of their current software collection and extend the life of these products.


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